Exercise is the thing that should give attention to. Why? It will boost your immune system and will help you be fit and healthy. What exercise is a must? Both walking and running is beneficial to you. If you don’t have the time to run, then you have to make time even if you will insert it to the first thing you will do in the morning. If not, then you may try walking even just for 30minutes.  Enjoy life and be healthy.  Run and walk as much as you can.

Don’t stress yourself living an unhealthy lifestyle. You should live life to its fullest extent.…


Being beautiful is more than just wearing the right make up, wearing designer clothes and bags and having nice shoes.

True beauty is those people that will do anything to make the world a place for future generation. Beauty is when you can still smile no matter how bad your day is. Beauty is when you stand up for what you believe is right. Beauty is when you come home from work with people who love you genuinely.

Beauty is when you’re a mess from doing household chores but rewarded by a kiss and thank you from people you love. So next time when you think you’re not beautiful, think again.…


Gone are the days where a child loves to play. Sports are greatly regarded among schools and community. However, with the growing popularity of computer games kids spends most of their time indoors. They become less active and they engage in sedentary lifestyle.

Children involve in sports are more active and can make better decisions as compared to those who don’t. Those who don’t are inactive and grumpy. Being in sports means less time to waste around. While those who don’t are often tend s to develop diabetes, high cholesterol and other ailments in their adult life.

Lets encourage sports. Sounds like a cliche but be in sports not in drugs.…