First Date Tips for Men and Women

Who does not want to have a good first impression on a date? In order to ascend the level of your status towards him, a date is a basic step of “getting to know each other” stage. Dating is like auditions, you are nervous because of the fact that you may not be able to make it through.

Learning some tips on how to act on a date, especially if you are a first timer with less experience about having a love life, these easy steps could help you get through it!

For Men:
Take Baby Steps
This is a date, not a marathon. Try to act cool without pressuring her towards your actions. Do not act like you want to take her home or marry her right away. Be a gentleman; catch her heart in a nice way, slowly but surely. This is one of the criteria from girlfriend system activation most guys disregard.

Be Honest
In order to gain her trust towards you, tell her facts about you. Do not impress her by stating bluffs as it will just hinder both of your nice development. Honesty could also help you to avoid stuttering towards your date.

Choose Your Venue Wisely
Pick a place wherein she could feel comfortable and enjoyed. Choose a familiar place so that you could tell her something crucial and entertaining about it. Also, avoid taking her to a place that will cause her uneasiness or boredom.

Listen and Ask
Show interest towards your date by listening to her side even if you cannot relate to the topic. Ask questions regarding on her or to what she is saying but never push questions that are too private or “below the belt”. Respect her by focusing your attention such as turning off your phone and having a healthy conversation.

Improve Your Actions
Man up! Boost your confidence by smiling and being a good companion. Stand up straight and do not look down when talking to her. Try to share interesting happenings in your life, or make her laugh with your humor; that way, she will focus herself towards you as she will start to get relax in the atmosphere.

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At the first place, you dated her because you have affections towards her. Be committed to your actions by showing an effort when dating her. Do not make her feel unwanted, instead, express that you are proud to date her.

Don’t Try to be Someone Else
She chose to date you because she likes the way you are. Do not be desperate with your gestures by acting a suave guy on some romantic movie. Have your own ways of remembering what you have done to make her agree on that date at the first place.

For Women:
Be yourself. In order for you to avoid feeling nervous or tense, enjoy your date by acting like your usual self.

Dress Appropriately
Admit it, you want to impress him by making yourself to look gorgeous and attractive. But remember to choose the appropriate outfit that suite on the venue, not just for his eyes. Complement comfort and style.

Let Him Lead
If he wants the bill, hand it to him gracefully. Let him choose where the both of you will want to date, regardless if he asks you about it. Have your own decisions but give him the freedom to plan and settle your date.

Be Decisive
If he asks about what you like, don’t answer “I don’t know, how about you?” or “It’s up to you” constantly as it could just make you less attractive. That does not mean that you have to decide everything, but let him know that you have some input too. By having your choices, it could save the both of you from awkwardness.

Be Present
Don’t just be an active listener, be a speaker too. To let him know that you are interested towards him too, you have to be present by making a fun and long topic. Try to be aware of the conversation once you act nervous by talking nonstop.

Establish Boundaries
Don’t share everything about you for the first time, it isn’t marriage anyway. A first date is to know each other well but not to share secrets. Do not have sex; show him that you are interested because of his good traits. Avoid drinking too much or going home late at night. As a woman, you have to be responsible and careful with yourself.

Eat Like a Normal Person
Just because you are tensed does not mean that you have to act indifferent in front of food. Eat like your usual self; enjoy the food by unconsciously showing pleasure towards it. That way, your partner could enjoy the meal too, without thinking weird on your actions.